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Buying a foreclosed property has the potential to save you money.  However, the challenge in finding the right home online is finding a website that provides current, accurate property listings that reflect properties that are still available to be purchased. 

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At, you can browse foreclosure listings that are pulled directly from the local MLS and that are updated daily. Here you can find properties that suit your needs, your desires, your lifestyle and your budget. You can even have property listings that meet the criteria you personally select emailed to you automatically.  

Below is a sampling of 25 foreclosed properties currently available in the Greater Pensacola market area. If you would like to conduct your own search and see more foreclosed listings, use the Search box at the top of this page, put in your specific criteria and start your search. If you find a property you are interested in, please call us at (850) 572-9393 and we will be happy to assist you.